Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Andeavor investing in this project right now?

    This project will help diversify Andeavor's product mix and supports our goals of value-driven growth and commercial excellence. By efficiently delivering both local transportation fuels and other products we become a stronger member of the communities we serve.

  • You refer to this as your Clean Products Upgrade Project. How are you achieving clean products?

    Because our Anacortes refinery operates in a unique and environmentally sensitive location, we continuously strive for environmental improvements through reviewing and strengthening our procedures, programs, tools and systems.

    The upgrades at our Anacortes facility will improve our capability to deliver cleaner local transportation fuels and global feedstocks, primarily for polyester. Additionally, the upgrades associated with the project will lower the sulfur content in gasoline, which aligns with the new Federal Tier 3 standards to reduce emissions.

  • When will the project be completed?

    Subject to permitting, we expect the project to commence in 2017 and 2018.

  • Are any new permits required for this project?

    Yes, we will be following the established process for project permitting with the state of Washington.

  • What are mixed xylenes?

    Mixed xylenes are a key component for manufacturing many consumer products. Although they are one of many compounds in gasoline, mixed xylenes are in high demand by global manufacturers - especially in East Asia. The United States is a primary supplier of xylenes to overseas markets. Mixed xylenes are responsibly manufactured and transported every day. 

    Example applications:

    • Medical films and x-rays
    • Home craft projects
    • Solvents & cleaners
    • Synthetic fiber production
    • Rubber and plastics manufacturing
    • Industrial printing
    • Paint thinners
    • Papermaking 

  • Will Andeavor be increasing the number of Bakken crude oil trains coming through the state to supply mixed xylene production?

    No. There will be absolutely no increase in rail traffic due to this project.

  • How will you ensure the safe manufacturing of the new xylenes product?

    Mixed xylenes are responsibly manufactured and transported every day. We are committed to safely, efficiently and reliably operating our Anacortes refinery. We have created a working environment that emphasizes personal and process safety, and we constantly look for new ways to ensure continued safety at all of our locations.

  • What do you do to prevent oil spills?

    We operate in environmentally sensitive Washington state waterways. Prevention is the first and best response to managing spills. The second is preparedness, and the level of spill preparedness and response support in the Puget Sound is among the highest in the nation. We vigilantly maintain our spill prevention and contingency plans. Companywide, we hold 30 spill response drills each year and provide more than 2,000 hours of additional training per year.

  • How much more ship traffic is expected?

    We anticipate a small increase in the number of vessels received at the Anacortes wharf. This will be driven by market demand and vessel size; however at this time, we estimate between one to five additional ships per month.

  • What are the benefits to the Anacortes refinery and the community?

    This project further demonstrates Andeavor's commitment to the state and local community. The production and shipping of this higher-value finished product would result in increased tax revenue. Furthermore, construction associated with the project would help to stimulate the local economy and the project would add several permanent family wage jobs.

    According to an annual report prepared by the Washington Research Council, each Washington State refinery job has a total employment multiplier of 11.88, meaning that each direct refining job creates almost 11 additional jobs in the state.

    The high job multiplier is mainly due to petroleum refining's extraordinarily high capital intensity, high wages and extensive use of highly paid contract labor. The WRC report calculates that each petroleum job adds $880,000 per year of state personal income. 

    Additionally, the production of mixed xylenes improves our yields and diversification. This helps to remain viable and competitive at our Anacortes refinery.

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